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Modern Drone Technology to Sri Lanka

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) can be successful use in logistic, surveying, adverse weather conditions and in surveillance. It is user friendly, high security and low maintenance and ready to be use quickly. A UAS can also be send into situations and conditions that would not be safe to send a manned aircraft into.

Development assistance from Norwegian Investment Fund (Norfund) to Sri Lanka

H.E. Godfrey Cooray, the Ambassador had a zoom meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of the Norwegian Investment Fund, Mr. Tellef Thorleifsson on the 9th October 2020 to seek possibilities on getting more development and investment assistance to Sri Lanka.

The Ambassador H.E. Godfrey Cooray met Mr. R. Wadood, Founder of “Silvertree” promoting the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka
Ambassador H.E. Godfrey Cooray met with Mr. R. Wadood, Founder of “Silvertree” Travel Company in Norway on 11.08.2020 at the Embassy.