Submission of applications

The duly perfected applications should be submitted directly to the Department of Immigration and Emigration or to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Oslo by the applicant. The applications submitted through the Embassy should be sent along with the documents specified in the above which should be authenticated by Head of the Diplomatic mission or senior officer in rank of Third Secretary or above in the which the applicant has acquired citizenship / permanent residence. The applications and the documents should be authenticated by the Deputy or Assistant Controller of citizenship division when the applicants are handed over to the head office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration. All the documents other than in English, Sinhala or Tamil should be submitted along with the English translation of the same.

Getting Service through the post (from Finland):

All the application must attach and applicant must singed in front of the Honorary Consul appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka for the particular country. Applicant must ensure that the Honorary Consul signed at the relevant places of all the documents / Applications.


Dual Citizenship Fee

Main Applicant                                                  Rs. 345,000.00

Spouse of Applicant                                         Rs.    57,500.00

Unmarried child below 22 years                    Rs.    57,500.00

The relevant fee will be charged from the applicant after obtaining the approval of the Minister. The Department will notify the applicant to make the payment and relevant fee should be paid in cash (in Sri Lankan rupee) to the shroff, Citizenship Division, 4th floor, Department of Immigration and Emigration, "Suhurupaya", Battaramulla.


In Addition, following fees are applicable prior to processing of application at the Embassy:

Application Processing Fee – NOK 430/-

Attestation / Legalization/ Authentication fee of Certificate or Document- NOK 260/- for Sri Lankan citizen and NOK 285/- for Foreign National. 

Getting Service through the post (from Finland):

Return postal charges should be paid to the Embassy bank account to return your original documents. (Please see under Payment Instructions).