The Embassy exercises the power to register a birth of a citizen of Sri Lanka whose birth occurred in Norway/Finland or Iceland. The provision has been vested to the Embassy under Section 7 of the Consular Functions Act.

Every child whose birth was registered under the Birth and Death Ordinance and the Consular Functions Act should then be registered under the section 5(2) of Citizenship Act Please note that the Consular Birth Certificate does not confer right to Sri Lankan citizenship. Birth Certificate and Citizenship Certificate serve two different purposes and therefore both registrations are imperative and complementary to each other.

Application for registration of birth should be made within 3 months of the birth.

The birth should have taken place in Norway/Finland or Iceland.

The father or mother of the child should be a citizen of Sri Lanka at the time of the child's birth. In the event, a parent holds the foreign citizenship the other parent who holds Sri Lankan citizenship shall apply for registration of the birth.

The application for the citizenship registration should be lodged simultaneously along with the application for the registration of birth.

Fee for birth registration under the Citizenship Act is NOK 275 and birth registration under the Birth and Death Ordinance is NOK 215. For delayed registrations (1 year after birth) there is a surcharge per year of NOK 25

Parents who are living far from the Embassy and travelling to Oslo to submit the Birth Registration Application should call the Embassy in advance to make an appointment. Further, the parents should make an arrangements to show the child when required by the Embassy.

Upon Registration of the Birth, the first copy of the Birth Certificate would be delivered to the applicant over the counter or by registered post.


How to collect Birth Certificates and Citizenship Certificates

Birth Certificate and Citizenship Certificate will only be handed over to a parent/parents of the child in person, upon submission of the following documents.

1. Passports of parents

2. Sri Lankan Birth Certificate of the child

3. Written consent of the other parent who will not be present at the Embassy for collecting the Birth Certificate Citizenship Certificate of his/her child.