Death of a Sri Lankan in Norway comes under the purview of the Embassy and under the Consular Functions Act.

Application for Registration of Death should be made to the Mission within three months of the death.

Application for Registration of Death may be made after three months but within one year of the death. But the applicant should produce satisfactory evidence as to why the application for Registration of Death was not made within three months.

In case of doubt about the Registration of Death, it will be referred to Colombo and under instructions from the Registrar General, the registration would be performed.

If the next of kin of the deceased / declarant of death is in Sri Lanka, he/she can submit the documents for registration of death to the Registrar General's Department in Maligawatta, Colombo.
Application for the Registration of a Death may be made by any of the following parties.

A relative of the deceased who resides in Norway where the death occurred.

If there is no such relative any person who was present at the death.

The doctor in charge of the hospital or public institute where the death occurred.

The chief occupant of the house where the death occurred.

The nearest relative of the deceased who was present at the time of the death or in attendance during the last illness of the deceased.
If there are no such persons, the persons, who takes action to dispose of the body of the deceased by burial, cremation on by other means.

Procedure for Registration of Death

The informant should fill the Declaration of Death for the Registration of a Death. Find the form under "Application Forms"

The following documents are required

-Death Certificate of the deceased issued by the competent authority in Norway.

-Certificate from the Hospital / health authority where the death occurred stating the cause of death.

-Coroner's Certificate and Police Report, if the death was not due to a natural reason. To avoid disputes or claims concerning the true identity of deceased, it is necessary to obtain photographs of the deceased. (lateral and frontal view of the face)

-A certificate from the relevant authorities of the place where the death occurred stating that the removal of the corpse from the place of death has been sanctioned by the said authorities. (Burial/Cremation/Transit Permit) Eg. Certificate of cremation.

-Passport of the deceased for identification. If the deceased is a minor, the Passport of the parents in which the endorsement regarding the minor is made. 

Payment of NOK 110/- could be made in cash at the Embassy or can be transferred to the Embassy Bank account No.705 805 77189 DNB NOR Bank. Please ensure to attach a copy of paid deposit slip along with the application forms if you paid to the bank account.

If the Diplomatic/Consular officer is satisfied with the particulars given by the applicant for Registration of the Death, the death shall be registered, and the triplicate of the Death Registration shall be handed over to the applicant.