• When the Marriage is registered under this Ordinance, one of the parties to the marriage should give “Notice of Marriage” to the Diplomatic Officer in the Embassy.
  • “Notice of Marriage” should be made in duplicate by the concerned person giving the “Notice of Marriage” in the presence of the Diplomatic Officer and two witnesses.
  • The party who gives the “Notice of Marriage” should complete the following requirements.
  1. If both parties are residing in Norway, then either party to the marriage can give the “Notice of Marriage”.
  1. If one party to the Marriage is residing in Norway, only that party can give the “Notice of Marriage”.
  • The particulars of the “Notice of Marriage” are entered in the Mission's 'Marriage Notice Book'.
  • The marriage registration can take place at any time after the expiry of 12 days from the date of receipt of “Notice of Marriage” but within 3 months of the receipt of such Notice.
  • If the marriage is not registered within 3 months, the Notice automatically lapses.
  • Both parties should produce their travel documents with photocopies of detail pages, photo pages and visa pages to prove their identity and legitimacy to live in Norway.
  • Both parties should produce “Unmarried Certificates”, which should have been duly countersigned by the relevant authorities.

  • After the lapse of 12 days from the receipt of “Notice of Marriage” but within 3 months, the Embassy will issue upon application made by the parties giving notice, the Register's Certificate. This certificate is issued to the applicant for the purpose of informing that there is no objection to the registration of the marriage.

  • The Embassy should be informed in advance, when the date of the registration of marriage is decided by both parties who should then come to the Embassy with two witnesses to register the marriage in the presence of the Diplomatic Officer.

  • Once the particulars are entered into the Marriage Registration book, a third copy of the marriage registration shall be handed over to the female party by the Diplomatic Officer.

  • This copy is issued “free of charge”.

  • Thus, the registration of marriage is completed and the parties become husband and wife.