If the deceased person is a Sri Lankan National or a Native Sri Lankan who is holding a Foreign Passport, the following documents should be certified from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that the death occurred and needed to submit to the Embassy for obtain approval from the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Customs.

Documents needed to take away human remains to Sri Lanka

- Affidavit and a Request letter from the Next of Kin (Who must be an immediate family member of the deceased. If any immediate family member not available at the country of residence, immediate family member in Sri Lanka should forward the affidavit and the request letter through the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka)

- Passport of the deceased person

- Sri Lankan Birth Certificate of the deceased person

- Death Certificate issued by the respective authority in the country of residence. (with English translation) – The cause of the death should be included in the Death Certificate

- Certificate from the Hospital / Health authority where the death occurred stating the cause of death (If the cause of the death is not included in the Death Certificate)

- Passport of the applicant and the person who is accompanying the coffin/ashes (If the person accompanied the coffin/ashes is not a relative of the deceased person, an immediate family member should issue an authorization letter or an affidavit to the person who accompanied the coffin/ashes)

- Documents complaint to establish the relationship (Eg.- Marriage Certificate / Birth Certificate of the applicant)

- Freight Certificate issued by the company who is responsible for transportation of coffin/ashes

- Details of the Consignee who is receiving human remains in Sri Lanka

- Extract from the population register issued for the deceased from the respective country

- Additional documents will be required for any name difference

- Contact details and name of the foreign employer/ agent (If applicable)

- Certificate of cremation (if applicable)

- Flight details (If available)

 Special Note:

- Please note that the cause of death should be clearly indicated at the Death Certificate. (Sri Lankan Health/Quarantine authorities strictly check this when a coffin is reach to the country)

- Deceased person must be a Sri Lankan Citizen or a Native Sri Lankan who is holding a Foreign Passport.


All above document should submit to the Embassy enabling to forward to the respective Sri Lankan authorities. Department of Immigration & Emigration and the Sri Lanka Customs will issue relevant permissions in this regard. This Embassy will keep informed the applicant.

 Submission of documents

If a death occurred in Norway, Finland or Iceland, request for repatriation of human remains should be forwarded to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Oslo, Norway.