Inclusion of children in Parents Passport

The Inclusion of children in parents passport will  NO longer be allowed and children will be issued separate passports

Parents can apply separate passports for the children born outside Sri Lanka through the Embassy by submitting the relevant documents mentioned under "Passports for Minor Children".

If the child is born outside of Sri Lanka, parents should register the child's birth under the Consular Act and Citizenship Act of Sri Lanka before applying a passport for the child. Information on registration of births outside Sri Lanka is published under "Registration of Birth"

Deletion of child endorsement in Parent's Passport

If the parents wish to apply separate passports for the children who are already included in mother or father's passport, should submit the Application Form C with the written concent of both parents for the deletion of child endorsement in parent's passport, in addition to the passport application of the child.

NOK 85 is levied for deletion of child endorsement. Payment could be made in cash at the Embassy or can be transferred to the Embassy Bank account No.705 805 77189 DNB NOR Bank.