The Department of Immigration and Emigration is currently issuing Ordinary Passports with 10years validity. If your passport is valid only for 05 years from the date of issue, the validity can be extended for another 05 years period. 

The following documents should be submitted:

1. Duly completed IM 37 (Form O) .

2. Current passport

3. Residence permit (Residence Card) to prove visa status.

Applicants who are on indefinite visa for a period of more than two year are required to submit a letter from the UDI confirming that the applicant has not applied or acquired Norwegian Citizenship. Please note that the application for renewal will not be accepted without this letter.

4. Payment of NOK 25 (per year) could be made in cash at the Embassy or can be transferred to the Embassy Bank Account No. 7058.05. 77189 DnB NOR. Please ensure to attach a copy of the bank transaction slip along with the application forms.