Children below 16 years of age are considered as minors for this purpose. The Embassy accepts applications from the minors who were born in Norway/Finland/Iceland, who are included in parents passports and also minors who holds separate passports.

If the child is born outside of Sri Lanka, parents should register the child's birth under the Consular Act and Citizenship Act of Sri Lanka before applying a passport for the child. Information on registration of births outside Sri Lanka is published under "Registration of Birth"

The passport is valid only for 03 years.

Application Procedure

With effect from 10th  August 2015, applicants applying for passports are required to provide digital   photograph and fingerprints to the Immigration Department. Applicants submitting passport applications through Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions overseas could provide fingerprints on their first arrival in Sri Lanka at the Immigration Department Head office or any of the regional offices of the Department.

Children below 16 years of age whose passports are issued after 10th August 2015 are required to provide fingerprints to the Immigration Department upon reaching the age of 16 years. Holders of such passports living abroad should do so upon first arrival in Sri Lanka.

Documents required

Application Form K (IM 35)
All the cages from 1-18 are to be completed in Block Capital Letters. Applicant's signature should be placed in the cages given in the second page of the application in front of an authorized officer of the Embassy at the time he/she submits the application.

If the applicant is unable to visit the Embassy to submit the application, his/her signature and one photograph must be attested by the Honorary Consul General for Sri Lanka (Finland and Iceland) or a Justice of Peace/Notary Public/ Attorney-at-Law/Solicitor. The attester's signature and seal should be placed on the verification photograph.

◾The name of the child should be written within the two cages in 2nd page and the applicant (mother or father) should be placed his/her signature in 03rd page. The attester should sign the declaration and place his seal and date. Please ensure to place the official frank of the attester below with his/her signature.

◾The passport application should be filled in English language only.

Supportive Documents

◾Current Passport, if available

◾Four (04) photographs in color, printed in a matte or semi glossy photo quality paper. Size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm. Photographs should be in full face view taken directly facing the camera. Also, it should be taken in front of a plain white or off-white background, with natural facial expression and without spectacles. Both ears should be visible clearly. Photographs should be taken within the last 03 months to reflect your current appearance.  02 photographs have to be pasted on the photo/signature page (02nd page) of Form K.

◾Original Birth certificate of the child
◾Original Citizenship certificate or the cash receipt for the Citizenship registration of the child, if the child was born outside Sri Lanka
◾Parent's Passports with Visa proof (Valid Residence Card)
◾Written consent of Parents to issue a separate passport to the child (Consent letter)
◾If the parents are divorced/separated, the original of the court decision should be attached
◾If mother or father has expired, Death Certificate is required
◾Any certificate issued by a foreign country, should be countersigned by the relevant authorities of the same country. (Eg: If the divorce has been registered in Norway, the relevant document should be countersigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway)

Passport fee - NOK 1,105/- 

Minors whose names and photographs are already in father or mother's passport are also permitted to apply for separate passport if required. In such instance, parents should submit the IM35-C Form in addition to the Passport Application Form K, with the written consent of both parents for the deletion of child endorsement in parent's passport. Please read the information published under "Children Inclusion and Deletion" for more details.

 If applying a passport for an adopted child or for a child in foster care and having a legal guardian in Norway, the following additional documents are required.

◾Certificate of Adaptation
◾The court order issued by a Sri Lankan court. The court order should be countersigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka
◾A letter from the Commissioner of Probation and Child Care of Sri Lanka
◾Details of the child's departure from Sri Lanka and a copy of his/her passport
◾Valid Residence Card issued by the Norwegian authorities
◾Documents issued to the guardian by the Norwegian Authorities to prove his/her legal guardianship.

Sri Lankans who arrived in Norway as Minor Asylum Seekers

If the applicant has arrived in Norway as a minor asylum seeker, he/she must produce the original birth certificate for application process. Through this process the Embassy will collect information to determine the applicant's Sri Lankan citizenship.

If the applicant is unable to submit the previous passport details or/ and original birth certificate to prove the Sri Lankan citizenship, an NMRP will be issued, under the approval of the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka.
NMRP will be valid for one month and can be used only for the purpose of travel to Sri Lanka.

How to obtain a certified copy of a Birth Certificate from Sri Lanka

You can obtain a certified copy of your Birth Certificate from the Registrar General's Department of Sri Lanka. Please visit the Department's website for more information.