Shilpa Sena Exposition - Sri Lanka's Technological Revolution


The ‘Shilpa Sena Exposition’ a four day National Exposition on Science Technology and Innovation is organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research scheduled to be held in the BMICH, Colombo from 18-22 July 2019. 

- Arrangements are being made to conduct a district level Exposition called the 'Shilpa Sena - the Sri Lanka's Technological Revolution' with the prime objective of creating a platform for research commercialization inclusive of the new inventions introduced by the various local Government Institutions and facilitating the development of technology transfer. By this, it is intended to introduce the low‑cost and high‑end technologies already developed by the Government Research Institutes, to the local industrialists and entrepreneurs. It is proposed to conduct the exposition in all the districts and the contribution of the Government Institutions including the Export Development Board, Technology Development Board, Government Research Institutes and the Universities, are sought for this purpose. Accordingly, at the request of the Non‑Cabinet Minister of Science, Technology & Research, the proposal made by H.E. the President Maithripala Sirisena, to conduct the 'Shilpa Sena' Exposition also to coincide with the similar expositions and programmes to be conducted by the various public and private sector institutions, was approved by the Cabinet.