The Ambassador H.E. Godfrey Cooray met Mr. R. Wadood, Founder of “Silvertree” promoting the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka


The Ambassador H.E. Godfrey Cooray met Mr. R. Wadood Founder of “Silvertree” promoting the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka.

Ambassador H.E. Godfrey Cooray met with Mr. R. Wadood, Founder of “Silvertree” Travel Company in Norway on 11.08.2020 at the Embassy. Business Development Officer Mrs. Rosie Jones and Personal Assistant Mrs. Chintha Fernando attended the meeting from the Embassy.

“Silvertree” is a duly registered travel agent under the registration of Norwegian Company Act and with RGF (Norwegian Travel Insurance Fund) giving a guaranteed assurance to their clients while travelling. It was founded by Mr. Z. A. Wadood, a pioneer of the Sri Lankan tourist industry himself. Mrs. Sue Tindall is the Director- Operations of Sri Lanka and Hanne Marit is the Advisor-Sales & Marketing Nordic. Silvertree Travels was first known by the name Globe Travel Services Ltd., and established in 1976. It was situated in the City of Colombo. Globe Travel Services Ltd., was established to serve the ever-increasing inbound tourist from The European continent. Over the years Globe Travel Services Ltd became well known inbound tour operator that earned a well-deserved reputation for quality Sri Lankan tour arrangements by some of the key travel agents in Europe. After the demise of the founder Mr. Wadood Snr., Globe Travel Services restructured and rebranded into Silvertree Travel to keep in line with the latest traveller trends and Global market strategies.

H.E. Godfrey Cooray has explained that he has taken initiative to establish a “Business Forum” and publish in the Official website of the Embassy. This will facilitate easy access to Sri Lankan Businesses, investors and also to promote the tourism industry. Ambassador further conveyed that with the new concept of “Saubhagye Dakma” of His Excellency the President Gotabaya Rajapakse, the government of Sri Lanka has launched a target-based strategy to promote the island country's tourism industry as the sector has the potential to play a leading role in the economic growth of the country.

The Silvertree Travels is guided by a set of core values-quality, dedication, trust and personal services – and also ensure that these hallmarks are met at every single stage of the traveller’s journey” says Mr. Wadood Jr, Managing Director of Silvertree Travels. He further states “Our team of dedicated professionals both in the Nordic and in Sri Lanka always aim to create products and services that are above the rest in every respect. Silvertree with more than 25 years of experience in the sphere of hospitality, travel and airline industries, we have built trust and confidence with our partners and clients”. Based in Norway and Sri Lanka, they are currently serving travellers from the Nordic region and have established solid partnerships with leading tour operators, travel agents and travel writers who work hand in hand as a team, promoting Sri Lanka to the Nordic travel market. 90% of their promotions are carried out using the digital marketing platform reducing the overall operational cost of their business.

Mr. Wadood further emphasized that they use a state-of-the-art reservation system. One for direct client bookings and a separate internal module for B2B partners. Clients can go directly to their website and book a pre-designed tour or tailor-make it themselves to suit their travel needs. For a standard booking, it typically takes between 24-48hrs for confirmation for the entire tour. It might take slightly longer if clients require any special needs during their tour. They are also providing supplementary travel insurance to their clients during their stay in Sri Lanka at no extra cost.

 “The current COVID – 19 pandemic has imposed great challenges to the Global travel, airline and hospitality industry. We were quick to adopt to the changes by following protocols set by the regulators in both the Nordic countries and Sri Lanka. We will be carrying out Risk assessments continually as a part of our Safety Management System program in order to assure our clients a safe travel to Sri Lanka and back”, concludes Mr. Wadood.

 While concluding the meeting with H.E. the Ambassador, Mr. Wadood revealed that they are very delighted regarding the business initiative by H.E. Godfrey Cooray to establish a business forum. This will aid Norwegian investors to expand their portfolio in various other Sri Lankan businesses.