Sri Lanka Association of Norway (SLAN) meeting Sri Lanka Embassy in Oslo


A zoom meeting has been arranged by the Sri Lanka Association of Norway (SLAN) to introduce the new executive committee which has the highest majority of membership of Sri Lankans. The zoom meeting took place on the 10th of December from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

The new executive committee consists of Sri Lankan, mainly, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. This is a non-political organization started in 1983 by the Sri Lankans living in Norway. Their main objective of the Organization is to foster goodwill and friendship amongst Sri Lankans and Norwegians. Also, they facilitate social and humanitarian assistance to Sri Lankans on several occasions by way of charity and religious programmes and raising funds to support projects in Sri Lanka.

It was revealed that according to their annual agenda, priority had been given to the Independence Day Celebration, Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival, Annual Christmas getogether, Annual SLAN Cricket Match, Musical Programmes, Art Exhibitions and Sinhala classes for the children. H.E. Godfrey Cooray has appreciated the big donation given by members of SLAN water filters to Vavuniya District which had been distributed last year. It was one of their successful projects in the year 2019.

Also several scholarships had been given for selected 11 deserving primary school students in Northern and Eastern provices. The said finds had been given for the education of the needy children every month.

Furthermore, Second Secretary Mrs. Samanmali Atalugama, Attache Mr. A.M.T. Subaraj, Consular Officer Miss Anusha Kathriachchi, Business Development Officer Mrs. Rosie Jones and Personal Assistant Mrs. Chintha Fernando have participated the zoom meeting from the Embassy.

H.E. Godfrey Cooray thanked SLAN for inviting for their forthcoming Christmas celebration which is scheduled to be held on the 19th of December in Oslo and wished each and every member Happy Christmas.