Visa Notice


Under any circumstance On arrival ETA will not be issued to any tourist and all airlines are strictly advised to follow the guidelines issued by CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY OF SRI LANKA FOR LANDING PERMISSIONS and check the ETA before boarding passengers to Sri Lanka.

It is strongly advised to all applicants, before requesting ETA permission to consult the airlines with permission & approval for departure to Sri Lanka from those countries and get directions and check the flights availability in advance to apply ETA to avoid unnecessary payments on the official ETA site. As you embark on your journey to explore the wild and wonderful we would like to invite you to visit\helloagain to learn about ´things you need to know to ensure that you have an amazing time that is So Sri Lanka. You should have a confirmed booking in a safe and secure certified, Level 1 hotel for the initial 14 days of your stay,

Visit\helloagain for information. These hotels are well trained and equipped to ensure that you have a safe yet an amazing time in the paradise island.

Before you apply for your visa, you need to have a confirmed hotel booking, pre-purchased PCR tests and a mandatory COVID-19 Insurance Cover. Contact your ‚Safe and Secure Level 1‚ hotel when making your booking. The hotel will issue a reference number which will be automatically checked with your passport during the application process of ETA.

Please be noted that, this is a mandatory requirement and if you didn't follow the aforementioned procedure prior to applying for the visa, your visa will not be approved and the visa fee will not be refunded. All preparations have been made to ensure you have a safe, secure and an amazing holiday in the paradise island. We are so looking forward to welcoming you!!

It will be Noticed the approval of ETA by an email to the applicants who have obtained that ETA permit will be allowed to Land to Sri Lanka only for the truly purpose of tourist, subject to the Government health quarantine procedures and Immigration & Emigration Regulations.