How long does it take to get a New Passport?

Usually it takes a period of 03 months between lodging the application to the Embassy and the receipt of the newly issued passports by the Embassy from the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo (this duration is subject to delay depending on the completeness, clarity and accuracy of the applications and the other supporting documents as may be deemed necessary by the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Colombo). The applicants are advised to bring all original documents required with clear photographs, which meet the standards to avoid any hassle in receiving the passports on time.

Is there any possibility to renew the Passport after 10 years validity?

No. You should apply for a New Passport. The applicants are advised to apply for a New Passport at least 06 months before expiring the current passport.

Do I have to submit my Old Passport to the Embassy with the New Passport Application?

Yes. But, your old passport is returned after confirmation of authenticity. However please bring the old passport for cancellation after getting the message that the new passport has been received by the Embassy.

Can I produce English translations of Original Documents when apply a New Passport or Birth Registration?

This is not possible. The original documents should be produced for the above purposes. However you can submit English translations (If available) together with the Original Documents. Original documents are returned after confirmation of authenticity.

Is there any possibility to apply 30 days Visa (ETA) from the Embassy?

No. You can apply Visa (Tourist/Business) up to 30 days through 

How to check the ETA application status for 30 days visa?

Applicants will receive approval notice by email within 24 hours. If not, check the application status through the ETA website by entering the reference number or Passport number and the Nationality under “Check Status”.

Can I make payments by Credit card or Vipps at the Embassy?

Vipps payments are not accepted.